Winemaking on Hofstede De Groote Laar

After many years of experience with grapes on a pergola we decided shortly after our move to Hofstede De Groote Laar, not only to plant grapes on pergolas, but also to start a real vineyard.

Parallel to the planting and growth of our vineyard, we restored Hofstede De Groote Laar, and subsequently started our Bed & Breakfast business and workshops. Our vineyard is an extremely successful addition to the business. The wine produced is mainly intended for our guests.

Nowadays our Vineyard produces about 120 to 180 litres of wine per year. With the maturing of the vineyard, yields will undoubtedly increase.

From planting to first bottling, 2004 - 2010

For those interested, here is the story of our vineyard. In a practical, richly illustrated report form, we take you from building and planting our vineyard to the first bottling of our wines. Click on PDF icon below (3 Mb).

 (Text in Dutch)

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