Historical Research

Purchase data showed that our farm has been called "Hofstede De Groote Laar" since 1860. Curious about the history of our Hofstede, we commissioned the Cadastre to do some historical research. Unfortunately this research provided more questions than answers.

At the annual Spankerense fair we came into conversation with members of the Historical Research Foundation South-East Veluwezoom. Their interest was aroused when it appeared that "Hofstede De Groote Laar" showed on a map fragment from 1775. This map, from the Atlas Hottinger, was displayed in their booth.

The subsequent 2-years historical research led to amazing results that goes all the way back to the year 1200. Even the Prince of Orange-Nassau and former Minister of Justice F.G.R.H. van Lilaar appeared to be former owners of "Hofstede De Groote Laar"!

Historical Research report

If you are interested: click to read the full, richly illustrated research report by the Historical Research Foundation South East Veluwezoom. Click the Pdf icon below (5 Mb).

 (Text in Dutch)

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