In 2003, the restoration of Hofstede De Groote Laar began in our own management. We worked out the following objectives:

  1. Restoration and renovation of Hofstede De Groote Laar and the surrounding land. The guiding principle was to preserve as much of the original state as possible.
  2. Developing "Green" alternatives to regular utilities.
  3. Developing appropriate business activities in the long term.

Now, we moved mountains of work but unsurprisingly not everything went smoothly. All in all it was a tough job. Our efforts, however, were amply compensated by the results. Moreover, Hofstede de Groote Laar is set for years to come!

The current state of affairs

The restoration of the Farmhouse is now complete, except for 2 barns. The surrounding grounds are fully redecorated and planted (including a little Vineyard and Orchard). Even the largest barn has been renovated. The objective is now shifting increasingly to maintenance and management.

Green alternatives
We restored our own water source, witch is 3 generations old. Further more, we have a wood-fired heating system working with our ordinary central heating, that makes for a significant gas saver. In the future, we hope to develop other alternatives.

Business activities
For the moment, focus has shifted from restoration to maintenance and management. The emphasis has also come to lie more on the development of business activities. Meanwhile we have a little, but thriving, Bed & Breakfast business and we provide various workshops.

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